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Child-Centered Solutions: How to Create Happy Endings Through Divorce and Beyond!

By Rosalind Sedacca

Rosalind Sedacca wins 2008 Victorious Woman Award

Child-Centered Solutions Books by Rosalind Sedacca

Child-Centered Divorce Group Coaching Program

June 2009 - Parenting After Divorce: Help Your Kids Adjust to Two Happy Homes
One of the greatest disruptions in a childís life can be the upheaval caused by divorce. For this reason it is incumbent on you, as a parent, to doing everything possible day by day, month by month, to help your children adjust.


May 2009 - Divorcing Parents: Donít Bring Your Battles to Court
Youíre getting divorced and youíre angry, resentful, hurt, vindictive or any combination of other painful emotions. You want to lash out, to get back at your spouse or boost your own sense of esteem. Hiring the most aggressive litigious divorce lawyer you can find seems like your smartest choice. Your ex is in for a fight!


April 2009 - Cooperative Co-parenting Ė Keys to Making It Work
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry tells us that children of divorce do best when both of their parents continue to be actively involved in their lives. Itís the ongoing connection that makes the positive difference for these children, minimizing the fact that their parents no longer live together.


March 2009 - Children Parenting their Parents Ė a Dangerous Consequence of Divorce
Divorce is tough enough. When children try to protect their parents from its consequences, the parenting is moving backwards and the results are devastating. Always be careful of what you share with your children regarding your own emotional state during and after your divorce. It can create enormous confusion for your children, along with guilt, frustration and despair.


November 2008 - What to Tell your Spouse Before You Tell the Kids -- about the Divorce!
What about preparing your children for your pending divorce? Do you have a plan Ė or are you going to wing it without any prior thought? For children, divorce is a monumental life experience for which they have no preparation. The very foundation of their security Ė their love for Mom and Dad Ė is being thrown into turmoil. Everything they knew and accepted as part of routine daily life is going to be affected in one way or another. They donít know what to expect and have little source of comfort other than their parents who are announcing the devastating news.


October 2008 - Bashing Your Ex is Bad News for Your Children
We all do it from time to time. Make a sarcastic comment about our ex, criticize something they did or didnít do, gesture or grimace our faces when referring to our former spouse. When we do it in front of, near or within hearing distance of our children, we set ourselves up for a hornetís nest of problems.


September 2008 - Children and Divorce: Avoiding the Mistakes of Others
Over the years there have been endless studies on the effects of divorce on parents and children. Some of the results are controversial. Others seem to be universally accepted as relevant and real. Here are a few of my perceptions from studies on children who experience divorce that I believe all of us, as parents, should take to heart.


August 2008 - How to Create Happy Endings Through Divorce and Beyond!
No two divorces are the same. Therefore there are no cookie-cutter answers to your questions nor is there one single path to divorce success. This column can not substitute for individual therapy or personal advice related to your particular issues. Rarely are solutions black and white because the complexities of inter-personal relationships are filled with shades of gray. When we step out of the perspective of right and wrong, good guys and bad guys, we are much more likely to find real workable resolutions for real families. tries to provide quality information, but cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information, opinions or other content posted on the site. It is not intended as a substitute for and should not be relied upon as legal, financial, accounting, tax, medical or other professional advice. It should not be construed as establishing a professional-client or professional-patient relationship. The applicability of legal principles is subject to amendment by the legislature, interpretation by the courts and different application by different judges and may differ substantially in individual situations or different states. Before acting on what you have read, it is important to obtain appropriate professional advice about your particular situation and facts. Access to and use of is subject to additional Terms and Conditions. is a secure site and respects your Privacy.

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