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French Canvas
True Grit Pastel Panels

Top quality gritted paper (available in four different grits) adhered to a gatorboard panel.
Why should I spend $6.00 for one of French Canvas’s 9” x 12” True Grit Panels? We’re so glad you asked that question. To save money. And here’s how:

  1. With our panels, there is no need for a mat. When you frame a 9” x 12” True Grit Panel, you only need a 9” x 12” frame. When you frame 9” x 12” sanded paper, you need a frame that is around 13” x 16” in order to accommodate the extended border with a 2+” mat. That can easily be a difference of $30 to $50. And the mat does not add to the value of your artwork. Some would argue that it takes away.
  2. Paper can often rip or buckle. How much time and money will you lose if your artwork rips or buckles after you have spent hours working on your masterpiece?
  3. One of our clients used to purchase gatorboard and sanded paper and have her framer mount the paper for her. When she discovered True Grit Pastel Panels, she did a cost analysis and discovered our prices were cheaper than what it cost her.
True Grit Pastel Panels are available in four grits: 280, 320, 400, and 500 with 280 having the most grit and 500 having the least. Panels are adhered to gatorboard with a ph neutral adhesive. Unlike foamcore, gatorboard will not warp or lose its form. Although it is extremely dense, it is very lightweight and can be cut with an exacto knife. Our panels have a total depth of about 7/16”. And remember, we will custom cut a special size to order at your request.
Sold by the unit, not in packs.

We currently offer five different grades of paper for pastel, colored pencil, charcoal, and watercolor artists. We offer a wide choice of sizes, but if you do not see the size you want, fear not! We will custom make your size. Any Questions? Please contact us at or toll free at (800) 934 3424.

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