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French Canvas
Make Art Together
Art is usually the creation of one sole person. But something very special occurs when a creation is a union of several different people’s creative energies. Nobody is in full control of the end result, and yet everyone plays a role in the end result as creative energies unite.

IN A CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT: making art together is a great way to build a team and show in a creative way how working together can create a beautiful end product.

AT A PARTY: a great memory for a special party; all invitees work together to create a masterpiece.

WITH YOUR SPOUSE, FAMILY, OR FRIENDS: paint a piece with your husband, daughter, or best friend. Do you split the canvas in half and work side by side, or is it a joint venture where you work off of what the other or others have created?
Without Floater Frame
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Natural Color Floater Frame
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Colored Floater Frame
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Dress up your finished artwork by adding a floater frame. Frames can be ordered in a wide range of colors or in a natural wood that you paint yourself. To order a floater frame, please click here.

Canvases can be ordered in any size. Do you want the piece to hang over a couch? Do you want the piece to hang in a conference room? Pieces can be made in any size (even in fractional sizes). Click here to order your unique sized canvas.